Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Is it nap time yet?

OK, I know how lazy that makes me sound, but I really am tired! The long (and busy) holiday weekend wore me out! Work is HORRIBLY slow right now, so I was totally bored at the office yesterday! Add to that the fact that my youngest has been sick on and off since Saturday and it makes for a VERY wore out mom! I'm home today because my youngest is home for the day from the winter program that I enrolled the two of them in. She spiked a fever of 102.6 last night. The fever has been up and down since she first told me she was warm, so I've been alternating doses of Tylenol and Motrin. Although he didn't wake me up this morning, when I called hubby he said she woke up just before 6 this morning and the fever was over 101, so he gave her a dose of Tylenol and something to drink and sent her back to bed. She's still sleeping now and when I felt her earlier, although she was a little warm, she definitely wasn't burning up.

Before you freak out on me and yell at me for not taking her to the doctor I should probably tell you that fevers are a part of this childs life, and with her doctors "approval" I don't even call them until it hits 103, and none of us "worry" until it gets close to 104. She's had fevers that have gone past 106, but she was also admitted into the hospital at that time too. They've ran TONS of tests on her to find out why she has so many fevers, but have never come up with an explanation. So I've learned to deal with her fever bouts with a calm head. I do watch other symptoms too, and her doctor and I have a very open line of communication, thankfully! But I've become very knowledgeable as to how to control fevers over the years...LOL. Now my eldest, if his temp hits 101 and doesn't go down with Tylenol and cool compresses, that actually merits a call to the doctor, and if the office isn't open she'll suggest a trip to the ER....LOL. Just goes to show how different kids are, doesn't it?

I just went and checked her, she's not even close to being feverish right now. YAY!!! But you can bet your toosh her butt will either be in bed or on the couch ALL day, no matter how badly she whines...LOL

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