Friday, December 29, 2006

Call out to everyone who reads here

Ok everyone, I REALLY need your help with something! Since my chances of actually winning one of the HP photo packs from PayPerPost is slim to none I've decided that within the next month I'm going to purchase a digital camera. The sad fact is that I know almost nothing about digital cameras other than knowing that more megapixels is better....LOL!

So, my question to you is what can you tell me about digital cameras and is there a digital camera you recommend or one(s) that you suggest I totally avoid? The majority of the pictures I take are family/kid oriented. I would like one that has a decent amount of zoom capability, can take still pictures as well as movies, a preview screen is a MUST and I would really like something that I'm not going to have to replace in a year. I've looked at a few that I really like such as the Olympus SP-510, the Kodak EasyShare Z650 and the Nikon Coolpix P1. But I'm just not sure as to what is going to be the best buy for the money.

So, I'm really hoping to get some info from people who have some knowledge about digital cameras! If you can help in any way, I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks so much!


Lisa Renee said...

I know I love Emily's camera compared to mine except for close up shots. My old digital used to do a better job until it decided it was time to die off.

I like HP because they run so easily with the graphics programs I have. If money was no object? I'd go for the HP Photosmart R967 - it's a little over $300 but looks like it would be awesome.

Maggie Thurber said...

Holly - we got a Canon Powershot S80 because of the ability to do video as well as still photos. It's got terrific memory and, really important to us, an underwater case.

As you look, I'd recommend Circuit City's website. When you go to their digital camera listing, you can narrow down search criteria and then compare various models based upon your needs. Good luck!