Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I tell ya, even sitting at a desk is tiring and makes my back ache! And I had a customer come into the shop today while I was there alone asking about the price of a snow thrower that was sitting outside. As I slowly walked out the door to see which one it was so I could look up the price the customer asked if I was ok and I said yeah, that I just was dealing with a back injury. So I walked out the door and amazingly, there was a price tag on it. When I mentioned this to the customer he said "Yeah, I knew that, I just thought maybe the price would be lower". I'm like WTF? Didn't you just ask me if I was ok, and didn't I just mention that I had a back injury, but you're going to have me walk outside KNOWING this.....A$$HAT! I bit my tongue though, and didn't say what I was thinking. I smiled and told him no, the price on the tag was the bottom line price, he then thanked me and left. ARRRRRRRRRRRG!!!

So I'm home now, going to play on here a bit then probably will hit the couch for the evening.


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