Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And the opposite of love

I'm pissed right now, REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY pissed! My daughter went outside to play a little while ago and discovered that her bike is gone. What kind of (*#&$(@#*$&(@#*&$)@#(*&$#@)($*&#@)($*&#@)$&*#)$*(&@#$)*(@# RETARD steals a kids bike right off private property? My only hope is that the person that stole it dies a very cruel, slow and inhumane death after being repeatedly beaten and tourtured and then rots in heck!

No, we haven't found the bike yet, and I'm not really going to hold my hopes out that we will, since we're surrounded by woods out here. BUT, Thanks to some of my posties and my daughter, I'm not quite so angry. And my daughter is already online looking for a replacement....LOL


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