Monday, November 20, 2006


And not even the one I planned either...LOL. But then again, does anything go as we plan it to?

The "plan" for tonight was to watch my 2 niece's for a couple of hours while my sister went to a meeting. But about 30 minutes before she was due to be here she called saying she wasn't going to be able to go to the meeting as planned, so she wouldn't be done, thus I didn't end up watching my niece's this evening.

So, I "thought" it would be a quiet night with the family. That was, until the phone rang again within moments of hanging up from my sister.

A neighbor wanted to know if I could watch her 6 year old while she "ran into town". Let me explain though, it was the 6 year old that called asking if she could come down here while mommy ran into town. I said sure, no problem, cuz she's a good kid and I like having her here!

Fast forward THREE hours.....she's STILL here. Now, it's not that I mind, because she is a great kid! But it seems to me that someone could have at least called. Well, come to find out, mom wasn't making a trip into town, she was going into town to go the kids' school for parent teacher conferences. Still, it's ok, cuz she is a good kid, but it would have been better if mom would have gotten on the phone from the get go to let me know it was more than a quick trip into town...LOL. No hard feelings though!

So, one more post tonight, then it's off to bed. Sweet dreams!


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