Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's kind of sad

You know, watching the Michigan Ohio game today has put a lump in my throat more than one time! It's weird to think of Michigan playing this game without Bo watching or being there! But the signs in the stands are neat, alot of which say "This one is for Bo".

I have kind of a neat "thought" though. I had two uncles, one was a HUGE Michigan fan and the other was a HUGE Ohio State fan. Every year they'd get together and make a bet of some sorts and watch the game together. My uncle that was a Michigan fan passed away in 1993, so my uncle that was an Ohio State fan carried on as best he could. In 2003, my uncle that was an Ohio State fan passed away. It's been kind of weird since then, not hearing about either of them or the "Big Game".

My thought is that this year, for the first time, both of my uncles are watching the "Big Game" with Bo and Woody (former Ohio State coach that has since passed away). Call me weird, but to me it's a neat thought!
P.S. there is 13:11 left in the game and the score is Michigan 31 - Ohio 35.

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