Friday, November 17, 2006


OMG, I swear if I didn't know better, that today is Monday. Although I know for a fact that they both fell asleep at a really decent time last night, BOTH kids were huge grumps this morning! They fought over eating breakfast, they fought over getting dressed, they fought over clothes, they fought over giving their dad hugs before he left for work, they fought over putting their backpacks in the car to go to the school bus. I tell ya, I could have just smacked them this morning. The only thing I can say is thank goodness they got on the bus and are on their way to school! They did seem to calm down a bit on the way to the bus. I talked to them, made all 3 of us take a collective deep breath and try to just start over. They were laughing by the time the bus came so hopefully their attitudes don't carry over to school!

Today is hubby's chili cook off at work for the BIG game! (Michigan VS Ohio for anyone that doesn't know). He started his chili last night and let it simmer over night in the crock pot, it was a VERY gaggy experience to wake up to the smell of chili this morning...LOL. Thankfully it's gone and so is the chili!


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