Friday, November 17, 2006

Ohhhhhhhh the joys

For those of you who know me, you know that I have 2 children. My eldest is almost 14 and male and my youngest is 11 and female. They both recently changed schools and they are both now in Jr. High. My oldest is used to it because this is his 2nd year in Jr. High, he'll be in High School next year. My youngest, however, was in elementary school prior to transferring schools, so was abruptly put into Jr. High.

I was a bit nervous at first because it is a big change, but she seemed to do well with it and was actually starting to come out of her "shell". She made friends right away and was getting good grades again. Tonight, however, was her first Jr. High dance. I was hoping her older brother would go also, just to kind of keep an eye on her, but he didn't want to, and she was insistant on going, so we conceeded and let her go. The dance was at a local church and was going to be highly supervised and chaperoned, so we felt comfortable with her going alone.

Hubby just got home from picking her up and she is DEVESTATED. The church that it was at is also the home of a Catholic School that our neighbors sons go to. One of these "sons" either has a HUGE crush on our daughter, or is out to destroy her because he's always picking on her and saying things that are fairly upsetting. Anyway, he ended up being at this dance tonight and according to my daughter went out of his way to not only embarass her in front of his friends, but hers also.

I'm to the point with this kid that I'm about to tie him up to a tree and whip his a$$! He recently "lost" his mothers cellphone, only to have it turn up in my sons room, he's lied to our faces and in my opinion is simply a little turd!

I just don't know how to handle this, not only is this kid our neighbor, his father is also my boss. His parents in no way think he is an innocent kid, they know what a pain he is. But I know that there is nothing they could do to him that would actually make him stop this behavior, or change the damages that were done tonight. My only hope is that my daughters friends are able to realize that what he was saying were lies, because if he has caused problems for her at her school, I'll simply whoop his butt!


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