Friday, November 10, 2006

13 Hours

Thirteen hours of sleep is VERY nice...LOL!! For anyone that knows me personally or has read my blog, you know that I used to clean apartments after people moved out of them, but that it died off this past spring, so I went to work in my boss' commercial lawn equipment shop. On Monday I got a call from the lady I used to clean for asking me to come back. Although I wasn't too thrilled about it, the prices were better than the last place she worked at, so I talked it over with my boss and we decided it would be worth trying again.

The first few apartments were a breeze, nothing majorly wrong with the apartments, other than the "normal" stuff, namely gooked up kitchen cabinets. I managed to get 3 apartments done on Tuesday, then one on Wednesday because the kids had a school delay, so I could only work 4 hours. I went in Thursday morning and the apartment that I walked into to clean was the exact reason why I was apprehensive about going back to cleaning!

The bathrooms in these apartments I'm cleaning now are a bit outdated with old porcelain tubs and 1 inch by 2 inch tiled floors which I have to strip and wax. The tub in this apartment had a 4 inch "ring" of thick black mold all the way around the tub, it was DISGUSTING! My back was already hurting a bit before I started cleaning this tub and I pushed myself too far when cleaning it. It took me almost 2 hours to clean the tub, and I didn't take any breaks while doing that, so when I was finished and went to get up from being on my knees and bent at the waist for 2 hours, the pain almost took my breath away and I almost ended up calling hubby to come and help me get up...LOL.

When I did finally make it to my feet I called hubby and talked to him and he agreed that I needed to stop for the day. So I went to the office and talked to the lady I clean for and explained to her what was going on and she agreed with hubby. So I came home and hit the couch with my heating pad until it was time to go get the kids. When I got back from getting the kids I took some strong meds which ended up knocking my butt out COLD and let me sleep for 13 hours....LOL.

I'm still in a significant amount of pain this morning, not sure yet whether I'm going to go in to work or not. But 13 hours of sleep sure was nice!

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Anonymous said...

Should we call you Rip-Van-Winkle then? LOL!! With a new baby I'd love to sleep that long ... it sounds heavenly. Although with the back pain you had, you definitely need it.

People really should clean their tubs more I guess. I've never seen a black ring like you described I bet it was totally gross.

Hope you are doing better. Hugs~