Monday, October 23, 2006

Letting go......(just a little)

You know, some things in life you simply can't avoid. Getting older is one of them, and as you grow older, so do your children. It is so hard for me to believe that my oldest child is going to be 14 in just a few months! The changes I've seen in him in the past year and mind blowing! Although he's still very immature in many ways, he's quite grown up in others!

Take last night as an example. I'm out in the kitchen getting ready to start dinner and my son comes out and says "Mom, can I help? I've learned a few things in home ec and I'd like to help with dinner." Now, it's not that I don't think he's learned anything in home ec, because I know he has, it's just that I'm kind of a control freak over my kitchen, especially when it comes to cooking. Even hubby rarely helps me cook, so it's kind of "my turf". But, I gave in, especially since it was hubby he was going to be helping and not me, because last night was breakfast dinner, and that's mostly hubby's meal to cook, except the potatoes, which I take care of.

For the most part, I stood back and let the two of them do what they needed to do. My son went to work chopping veggies for the omelettes, which made me a bit nervous, because he was using my large chopping knife. But he did a wonderful job and was very careful! He helped dad with the bacon and omelettes doing a great job with everything he was asked to do. It was strange though!

See, I still see him as my "little boy", and little boys aren't supposed to be able to do things on their own, they need mom's help...LOL. So it tugged at my heart strings last night to realize that my "little boy" isn't so little anymore. Heck, in less than 2 years he'll get his learners permit and be able to start driving. But the hardest part was letting go of the reins a little bit and giving him some growing room.

But I'm proud of my son, heck, I'm proud of both of my kids! They're good kids!

Anyway, I'll stop being all mushy now...LMAO!

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