Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ramblings from an insame mom!!!

I tell you, I feel like I'm losing it these days! Not that things are going badly, because they aren't, things are just "weird". The kids will blow my mind away one day being so good, then being complete turd heads the next!

For instance, over the weekend, they were both very good, which is a good thing because it was rainy and yuck so they were pretty much stuck inside. We tore their rooms apart Saturday. It was hard not to get mad because their rooms were GROSS! My son's wasn't anywhere near as bad as my daughters though. Before we even started them I told both kids that when we get started there will be NO arguing about what they are told to do, which they both agreed to because they knew how badly of their rooms needed a major cleaning. All started well, but then I heard hubby and son arguing (they were doing his room while daughter and I were doing hers). They were arguing over something totally dumb, but the worst part was that hubby was being more immature about it than the 13 year old was....LMAO. It did end, and the rest of the weekend was quite peaceful.

Then Monday came and it was like WW III started or something. I know my son has a difficult time sleeping, we've addressed this with his doctor and the medications that could be given to him to help cause weight gain. It's not often he has a very bad night, but this past Sunday was one of them. If waking him up weren't such a chore, once he's up is even worse. He gets very angry and just plain mouthy with his dad and I. Most mornings we are able to blow it off, but once in a while he REALLY pushes it. I guess I could start giving him something over the counter that's really mild, I just wish he could learn how to fall asleep better, or at least earlier. I also think it's partially because of how he and his father get along. Dad isn't as patient as I am with him, but he's doing much better and I don't intervene unless I think it's necessary. This is something they need to learn on their own.

Brat girl and I do well most mornings, but that's because I keep her moving so that she can't fall back to sleep. Once she's going, she does fine, unless her hair doesn't cooperate...LMAO!

Tuesdays and Thursdays are good and bad. Not really bad, just interesting. On those days my daughter has band and has to go to school with my son, so they have to get up at the same time and leave at the same time. It gets interesting that's for sure. But the good thing about Tuesdays and Thursdays is that I'm off work, so once they all leave at 7, the rest of the day is mine! I'm getting things set up to help/volunteer in the kids' schools on at least one of those days, I'd prefer to keep one open for myself.

Ok, need to get busy here, thanks for listening to my ramblings, I hope they made more sense to you than they do to me...LMAO



SneakyPeek said...

It was certainly a good weekend for cleaning rooms.

Here's to the lack of dust bunnies that will last all of a week.


Anonymous said...