Monday, August 07, 2006

***Kitchen Update****

MAAAAAAAAAAAANY pictures here, sorry, but I wanted to put them all up at once. I'm THRILLED to say that the white painting is 99% done. Unfortunately, while resizing the pictures, I found several spots that need another coat...LOL. Funny thing is, neither the hubby nor I can see them with our eyes, so if it weren't for the pictures I'd have never known.
I've changed my mind yet again about the other colors I'm going to use, good thing I didn't already buy that paint, huh? Rather than a teal green and tan I'm going to use a mocha color and tan. I think the teal would simply be too much! So that's it for now, thanks for going through this with me, but why didn't ya come help? LMAO!


Lisa Renee said...

Wow! That does look really nice.


magikjaz said...

wow! that paint brightened it up so much it's amazing!