Saturday, August 05, 2006

It's just not right!

That is one of the terms our current mayor used to use when he wasn't the mayor for 4 years, and I love it, but I think it totally applies to this situation!

Last night we packed up the kids and headed out to our local WalMart to go school shopping. This is a brand new WalMart Super Center that opened a few weeks ago, it's a wonderful store and our thought was that we could do school shopping there and when we were done pick up a few groceries. We were semi right, what we weren't able to get there were the kids' school clothes. My kids have to wear uniforms even though they go to public schools and this Walmart, even though it's the closest one to us, isn't in our school district. Amazingly, they had a few uniforms for boys, but not one single one for girls. So, we were only able to pick up their school supplies, backpacks and dress shoes.

What's just not right is the fact that those things above along with 2 bags of groceries came to OVER $200. I admit, I did pick up extra supplies while they were on sale (i.e. spiral 70 page notebooks for 10 cents, 24 packs of pencils for 97 cents and 10 packs of pens for 99 cents), but even the extras I picked up only amounted to about $10. My daughters backpack was $20!!!! That's just plain out INSANE! If she were younger she could have gotten a BRATZ or Barbie backpack for almost half that price. Now, I understand why kids' clothes cost more when they get older, but why is it that backpacks cost so much more? It's not a major brand name one, and it really doesn't have anything any different than the character ones. I just don't understand! On top of that binders cost $10+ and even though they were a HUGE no-no when I was in school, my son, who is entering the 8th grade, was required to buy a scientific calculator, at a cost of $25 for a basic one.

ANyway, I don't mean to start the day complaining, I do understand that this is simply a fact of life, it just amazed me how much everything cost even though 90% of it was on sale.....LOL! So I have to venture out today to another store and get their uniforms, not a biggie if I can't find them because I've found them online at with free shipping if we can't find anything in the stores!

Hope your day goes well!

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