Friday, August 04, 2006


Can you smell that? NOOOOOO, I didn't pass gas, I'm talking about fresh air silly!!! For the first time in over 2 weeks I turned the A/C off last night and opened the windows!!!! When the 11 o'clock news came on it said that it was 68 and the temp was going to go down into the low 60's, so I jumped up and turned the A/C off and started opening windows. Let me tell you, it was like heaven!!! It was actually cool enough that I grabbed my extra blanket in the middle of the night....LOL!! I'm thinking about leaving them open during the day today while at work, it's only forecasted to reach 85, and they're usually a littlel on the high side. If it's warm when I get home I can always close things down and turn it on before hubby gets home!
Anyway, TGIF, hope you have a great day!

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