Thursday, May 11, 2006


You know, I really don't mind rain one bit, especially in the spring when it's warm enough to have the windows open so that you can fall asleep to the sound of rain. But last night I TOTALLY did not like the rain one bit!
We've been putting off doing some roof work on the back portion of the house simply because it's very costly. We've "patched" the one part of the roof back there that was leaking and all "seemed" to be going well. That was until bedtime last night.
As we went to go to bed I walked up to put my necklace on my dresser and got this "drip" on my head. I was like "WHAT THE HECK"? I looked up to discover that the ceiling in the bedroom had a very long crack and was dripping water in one spot. I made a mad dash for the bathroom trash can and accepted the fact that I was going to have to fall asleep to a "drip, drip, drip" noise. But as I looked a little closer at the ceiling I realized that right above the bed, there was an entire piece of sheetrock that was cracked and was obviously not "safe". Since there was nothing that could be done about it at 10 p.m. we decided to find other sleeping arrangements for the night and assess the damage in the morning. Then it hit me that if it was raining bad enough for there to be a leak in the bedroom ceiling, I'd better go check the back porch to see if there were any other leaks there. The only thing I can say is OMG! Not only was it leaking where we had previously patched it, it was also leaking in a straight line across the ceiling from there, then all the way down the ENTIRE north facing wall. I yelled for the hubby to come down and help and we moved the washer and dryer out of the direct path of the leaks, unplugged them and called it a night.
**SIGH** This is NOT going to be pretty. Basically the entire roof is going to have to be replaced, as well as some boards I'm sure.
So I'm sitting here waiting for the hubby to get here with some tarps to temporarily put a damper in the leaking. We're going to call around for some prices from roofers and go from there.
Then only thing I can say is THANK GOD I'M WORKING FULL TIME AGAIN!!!!!
Other than that, all is going fairly well. I went yesterday afternoon and signed both kids up for a summer program that will keep them busy. They were both against it at first, but once they found out all that they were going to be doing, now they're both VERY thrilled about it! I am too because now I don't have to worry about them being home alone every day while I'm at work!
I guess that's about it for now, gotta get busy.

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magikjaz said...

you guys have to pay for the roof work? aren't you renting? *hugs* I wish you the best.

I hate rain for a different reason....we finally bought a lawnmower but haven't been able to use it cuz it's been raining for almost 2 weeks...our backyard is a jungle. I need to take a pic.