Sunday, May 07, 2006


It's been a bit since I posted a "real" post, and I'm sorry, life has just been a pain in the you know what lately!

My son is TOTALLY messing up in school, his grades went to crap and he had to serve Saturday school yesterday which ticks me off!

My daughter is being a royal pain in the tooshie lately, more moody than even I am! I wish she would just freaking start and get this out of the way!

And as for me, my lovely back has decided to go out. I require assistance walking anywhere, if it's even possible for me to walk. It's been such a joyous day. Fortunately, my computer chair is the most "solid" chair in the house, besides that hard chairs at the dining room table, so it's actually more comfortable for me to sit here than anywhere else in the house. I'm waiting for an "approval" call from my doctor right now, as soon as I get that I'll head to the ER. Hopefully the crap head will finally approve an MRI and we can get to the bottom of what is wrong with my back. I tell ya though, if he denies letting me go and attempts to adjust my back like the last doctor did, I'll kick his arse!

Anyway, I guess that's it for now. One of these days I promise I'll update my picture in my profile from the one with the Christmas Santa hat....probably the same day I finally change my voicemail message from starting off saying "Happy Holidays" LMAO!


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magikjaz said...

*hugs* I miss you! I hope all is well!