Friday, April 07, 2006

Lellow Jello

LMAO!! Absolutely NO reason for the post title, other than it was the last thing that went through my mind before I clicked to give this a title!

WERID week here, and in some ways a very CRAPPY week, but it's Friday....YEEEEEEEHAW!!!!!!!!

This was my first week of my "new" job. I'm working for the same guy, just working in his lawnmower shop rather than running the cleaning business. Because of how new the cleaning business is there still isn't a "constant flow" of business, it's fairly sporadic still. And he needed someone to fill the busy hours in the shop, so rather than hire someone he didn't know, he asked me if I wanted to take the job. It means steady pay for a change, which is very nice! No super early mornings, I go in between 9 and 10. And no long days, the absolute latest I'll work is 5, but more than likely will be off work between 2 and 3. It's fun, but it's a "mans world" if you know what I mean?

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely NOT a "girly girl", I'm very mechanically inclined and with being in the lawn business ourselves at one time, and my hubby currently the manager of a large lawn and landscape company, I know a bit about lawn mowers and stuff.

But I had 2 male customers that came in this week, and when I tried to help them they completely ignored what I said or chose not to believe me, and went to the guy who fixes stuff and is the only full time employee in the shop. But it didn't bother me "too much" LOL. Both of these guys were older, 70+, and their generation is alot different from mine, so I didn't let it get to me one bit!

It stinks learning a new job though, but my boss and the other guy in the shop have been great about teaching me what I need to learn!

Anyway, I guess I'd better get going. The kids are fighting, as usual, and I'm about to knock them BOTH silly.

Have a great weekend if you can!


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