Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Yes ladies and gentlemen, that dirty, nasty four letter word has entered our lives again! It started about 8 this morning, and although it isn't a hard/heavy snow, it is a wet snow with an icy base. I just got back from the grocery store and it's a good thing that I am a very cautious driver! I got to a 4 way stop and it was my turn to go, but I seen a van coming up to the stop fairly quickly, so I waited for them to stop. Good thing I did because they were going so fast that it was impossible for them to stop and they completely blew the stop! If I'd have went when I was "supposed" to, they would have crashed into me and it would have been a very bad accident. Thankfully that DIDN'T happen!

Anyway, I just took some pictures, and will take more as the day progresses! It's definitely sticking, that's for sure!

Today and tomorrow are going to be INSANE! I have alot of stuff to get done yet in preparation for tomorrow, and then tomorrow I cook. With the snow, I can't rely on hubby's help because he'll be out doing snow removal :( But the kids have agreed to help :D

So, everyone that's getting this snow, please be SAFE if you have to drive in it! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED Thanksgiving!


magikjaz said...

got the lovely white stuff up here too *grumble* I hope it stops for tomorrow cuz Kevin's mom is in a wheelchair and our ramp is a little steep. Anyway...HAPPY THANKSGIVING tomorrow! I hope all goes well! *hugs*

Running2Ks said...

Snow blows :)

And Happy Thanksgiving!