Monday, September 26, 2005


It's Monday everyone. I'm at a point where I have mixed emtions about it...LOL. I used to LOVE Monday's because it was the day of the week that the hubby went back to work and the kids went back to school and I was home ALONE. I called it my "day off". I only did the basics on housework, and spent the bulk of the day doing what I wanted to do.

But since going back to work, that has all changed...LOL. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one bit unhappy about working, it's just that I miss my lazy mornings sometimes. I'd get the kids on the bus and come watch the news til 10 a.m. and sit in my cozy jammie pants. Now, I'm getting dressed and ready inbetween getting kids on the bus for school. I do like the fact that the kids go to school at seperate times now, so I don't need to get my daughter up until my son is already on thebus and gone. No more morning arguing between the two of them, which is a true blessing!

The weekend went well, I ended up working Saturday and Sunday, although only a few hours each day. The work I did was very "gratifying", for lack of a better term. I've never been the best at keeping my house "clean" but I have always felt that I do a pretty good job of organizing things. The work I did this weekend involved cleaning and organizing a 14 year old girls room/closets. The room is lovely with beautiful dressers and a HUGE closet. But everything was shoved and crammed to badly that she couldn't find the things she needed when she needed them. When I left yesterday, there was a place for everything, and everything was in it's place. I LOVED their reactions when they seen it!!! It made me feel good about what I did.

I am also VERY happy to report that my BELOVED Bengals have started the season 3-0 for the first time in 15 years!! GOOOOOOOOO BENGALS!!! It's starting out to be an exciting year in football, lets just see/hope they can keep it up!

OK, time to get off here and get the little monster up...LOL. Have a great day everyone!!


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