Saturday, September 24, 2005


Good morning everyone! This is going to be one of those "on the run" posts..LOL!! It's 7:40 a.m. and I need to leave for work at 8. Work is going very well, I'm really enjoying it alot more than I thought I would! And the extra money is nice too ;o)

Yesterday we started a new job. The others that we've done so far have all been empty apartments that people have moved out of. But yesterday we did a private home that is currently being lived in. Let me tell you, this was probably the most BEAUTIFUL home I have ever seen! According to my boss, the home is worth about $2 MILLION dollars, and yes, I can believe it!

At first, before we met the lady of the house, I was a bit intimidated. Simply because I don't come from money, have never had money, and was a bit embarassed to park my beat up Honda in the driveway behind their Mercedes Benz(s). But once I met the lady of the house, that all went away. This lady is one of the most awesome ladies I have ever met in my life, and so down to earth!! We spent the day yesterday organizing her kitchen for her, which she was just THRILLED about! I'm going in today to do some more work for her, although unsure as to what exactly I'm going to be doing. I'll probably only work about 3 or 4 hours, then I have to head over and do one of the empty condo's that I've normally been cleaning. If I can get them both done today, then tomorrow is MINE :D

Tonight, Ric is heading to the races with his friend, so the kids and I are going to head up to my mom's. She went to my niece's garage sale last weekend and says she bought me a TON of clothes *YAY*!! I knew that I had lost quite a bit of weight, but had no idea until I put a pair of pants on yesterday that I hadn't worn in about a year. They almost fell right off me...LOL!!!

Anyway, I need to get going here. My hair is still wet and I have to find socks and shoes. I hope you all have a wonderful first Saturday of Autumn!!


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