Tuesday, September 27, 2005

TOOOOOOO funny!!!

I have a little story to tell you that I hope makes you chuckle as much as it does me. It's not totally "funny", but the ending is.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, Keith and the boy from 2 houses down decided they wanted to go back to the ditch to see what they could "find". Now mind you, the neighbor boy had already caught a very nice sized gartner snake, so my "assumption" was that they'd simply come home with more snakes or frogs. I could not have been more wrong in my life...LOL.

About half an hour later I hear Keith yelling "Mom, look what we found". Now, I am NOT a fan of any kind of snakes and most frogs/toads simply gross me out...LOL. So I went outside expecting to see something like that and got quite a shock.

There with the boys stood a very pretty young black lab pup. Now by pup, I do not mean little puppy like Harley. For anyone that knows labradors in any way, you know that they do not stay small very long at all. This lil guy is guesstimately about 7-9 months old. He has obviously been on the "run" for a while because he is very dirty and covered in burrs. BUT, he is not even remotely malnourished!

Now, me being the kind hearted person that I can be, I allowed the kids to give this stray some food and water. He was a very friendly little guy, and had alot of fun running and playing with our puppy Harley. Not too long after this, Ric came home from work. He's like "WHAT IS THIS?". He checked the stray out and agreed that he seemed to be in good shape and was very friendly. BUT, said that we could in no way shape or form keep him :o( So the kids said tearful goodbyes and Ric chased the stray away and down the road.

About an hour or so later, we're sitting on the front porch and we look up and here comes this lil guy walking into our yard, as if this is where he belongs...LOL. Ric looks at me, and I look at him and we just kind of silently agree. Although it's not what we "wanted" for some reason this lil guy has quite possibly "adopted" us. Ric drove up the road to the little store asking them if they knew anyone that was missing a male black lab pup, and they said no, but that whenever someone in the area does lose a dog they usually end up at the store either talking about it, or posting a notice for a missing dog. He let the lady know that we had one in our yard and that we were going to go ahead and take care of it and she agreed that if anyone came looking for a dog like this one, she'd send them our way.

So, to wrap this up, with no further words, I would like to introduce you to "Mick"...LOL. He's a sweetie, although he does tend to be a barker, but we'll work on that if we do indeed end up getting to keep him.

I'm off work today, but have to meet my boss to go supply shopping. Then I have a TON of housework to do, but I'll try to sneak some online time in if I can!!



Running2Ks said...

What an appealing fella! I can see why you adopted him (he adopted you)

magikjaz said...

awww *huggles*