Monday, February 09, 2009

Spring is in the air!!!

Yes, I know that it's only February 9th, but you wouldn't know that by the weather forecast for the next two days! Tomorrow they are calling for a high temp of 60, with the chance of setting a new record high temp, and Wednesday is supposed to be close to 60, but with the chance of thunder storms.

I love spring, I really do! It's so cool to watch the woods around me come alive after a long and cold winter. It would be so neat if there were a type of home theatre seating that you could set up outside and just sit and watch all of the trees and plants come to life in the spring! It is honestly the best nature documentary on the face of the earth!

I know that we still have at least another couple of months of cold winter weather ahead of us. But it's days like tomorrow that help me keep the faith that old man winter will eventually stop rearing his ugly head and allow the earth around me to wake up from a long winters sleep!

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