Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coffee maker shopping...

I'm in the market for a new coffee maker right now to replace a Mr. Coffee machine that has been replaced by the company six times already! I'll admit that the company went out of their way to replace my original machine this many times, but I've simply had enough of the junk they sell. A decent coffee maker should last MUCH longer than six months, especially if it's not their bottom of the line model!

So we've decided that it's time to move on and have started researching coffee makers that have good ratings, and have kind of narrowed our choices down. And before you ask, yes, we are going to pay for something from a company with a better reputation.

But here's what gets me. I don't mind paying a little more for a quality product, but with the price of some of the coffee makers I've seen, you'd think that I was looking into opening a couple of coffee franchises or something. It's not like their made from platinum, or studded with diamonds and gem stones, we're talking a heavy duty plastic body with plastic and metal parts inside. Seriously, it can't cost much more than about $20 to make these things, but you see price tags on them from like $30 all the way up to $300-400 and beyond.

PEOPLE, I'm not looking to make a life changing investment in gold here, I'm just looking for a good, dependable coffee maker from a reliable company!

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