Monday, September 29, 2008

Separation Anxiety?

Besides my two legged children, I also have a few four legged ones as well. The youngest four legged one is about 8 months old and although she's the cutest of the four, she has proven to be the BIGGEST handful of them all!

It's gotten to the point with her that I have to do a complete check of the living room before I walk out of the house to make sure there is nothing lying out that she can chew up. But she has decided to "one up" me for making sure there is nothing lying out for her to chew on and has now started chewing up furniture. My daughter came up with the idea that the puppy is doing this because she goes through separation anxiety when we leave. I don't know what's causing her to do this, I just know that I've NEVER had a dog that's been this difficult!

This morning I had an early morning appointment to go to and when I got home I walked into a HUGE mess in the living room. There is a small sized recliner up there that the kids sit in and the fabric had been torn off the front of one of the arms of it. I'm so freaking ticked off right now. I understand she's "just a puppy", but there are PLENTY of correct things around here for her to chew on. And in our current financial position, we sure can't run out and replace furniture on a regular basis!

With all of the stress that's going on right now because of almost no income, the dogs, the bills piling up, etc., my clothes are getting looser and looser! One of my family members actually asked me if I had been using diet pills to lose weight at my nephew's visitation because it was obvious to them that I had lost quite a bit of weight since the last time I had seen them. When I told them that I hadn't they were kind of shocked. It wasn't until I put my good black dress pants on that I bought for the hubby's company Christmas party this past December that I even realized how much weight I had lost. If I wouldn't have worn a belt with them, they'd have fallen right off!

Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely not complaining about losing weight, I just wish it weren't being lost because of the stress that's going on!

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