Saturday, August 09, 2008

A tale of two sisters

I know better than anyone how different siblings can be! My sister and I are perfect examples of that, and if you'll bear with me for a few minutes, you'll find out just how different we are!

First, I am the older of the two of us. I just turned 43, she just turned 39. When we were growing up, I was the shy and quiet one who just kind of blended in and hoped not to be noticed. She, however, was loud and VERY popular. When we got into high school (our high school housed 7th through 12th grade), it became even more obvious. I spent my time hiding out in the band room practicing my clarinet while she stayed after school for cheer leading practice.

Now that we're older things aren't that much different. I lead a very simple life, I spend my time taking care of my home and my family and have only worked outside of the house a few times since the birth of my oldest child over 15 years ago. She, however, went back to work as soon as she could after the birth of both of her children, not that I think there is ANYTHING wrong with that. She HAS to work because of her lifstyle. Rather than live within her means she's constantly taking out loans to pay for things that she doesn't need. If she can't take out a loan she'll look around until she finds a credit card with a 0 balance transfer, transfers over one of her credit cards with a high balance, then turns around and maxes it out again.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have moments where I wished I could afford some of the "things" she has, but honestly, I couldn't live with her bills! I like the fact that I don't have that type of debt hanging over my head. My husband and I live VERY frugally, if we can't afford to pay for it in full or put it on some sort of lay away account, we don't need it! I bake and cook from scratch as often as possible and clip coupons every Sunday to try and save money where I can!

I love my sister very much, but it's funny sometimes to see just exactly how different we are!

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