Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Only 142 days...

No silly, I'm not talking about Christmas, that's actually 197 days away...LOL! What is in 142 days is Halloween, one of my family's favorite holidays! I think one of the reasons we look forward to Halloween is because it's very close to my husbands birthday, but we also enjoy being able to carve pumpkins and put out the Halloween decorations.

A few years ago I lived next door to a lady that was an even bigger Halloween fan than my family is! She would go all out with the decorations, snazzing up both the inside of her house and her entire yard! It was really cool each year to see what she was going to do differently from the year before, and it never stopped amazing me to see then almost non stop line of traffic that would drive down the street every night to check her decorations out!

This year I'm thinking about having a Halloween party for the kids and their friends, complete with ghoulish food, creepy decorations and cool Halloween invitations! Our home is surrounded by trees and we have a couple of "out buildings" that would be a lot of fun to turn into dungeons of extreme creepiness!

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