Saturday, June 21, 2008

Interesting dreams...

Yes, I know that everyone dreams when they sleep, but I am one of those people who rarely remembers my dreams. The one exception to that is if by chance something wakes me up during my dreams, then I do remember them, and last night was one of those times.

My daughter woke me up shortly after 3:00 AM letting me know that she was really sick. So I got up and checked her temperature to make sure she didn't have a fever, which she didn't, and then I got her some water and a cool wash rag to put on her forehead. I felt so bad for her that I ended up grabbing my pillow and snuggling up next to her so that I could be there if something happened and she got sick again.

But when she woke me up and I was having one of the coolest dreams I think I've ever had! In the dream I was young and it was the night of my Senior Prom. I was getting ready for my date to pick me up and had on a beautiful yellow colored gown, my hair was really long and was done in sort of an "up do". I remember being nervous and excited at the same time. The door bell rang and I heard my mom yell back to me, telling me my date was here to pick me up. As I came down the steps there was my date, dressed so handsomely in a tuxedo complete with shiny gold cufflinks, and a boutonnière made from a yellow rose.

Now, that might not seem "odd" to you, but what is odd is the fact that my date was the man that is now my husband and he and I did not meet until I was in my mid 20's. But there he was, looking just as handsome as he ever has, minus the gray hair of course...LOL! It was just really cool! As I was lying there with my daughter I told her about my dream, she thought it was pretty cool too!

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