Sunday, April 13, 2008

Warmer weather is finally here

After what felt like the winter that was never going to end, we finally had very nice weather here in NW Ohio this past week with temps in the 70's on two days! It's a bit chillier this weekend, in the 40's, but nothing close to what we went through over the past few months!

I'm glad that the cold snowy weather is finally going away, but it also makes me realize that I'm going to have to do some serious shopping soon. I've got my eye on a sweet looking pair of Naot sandals that I found online. I can't wear the sandals with the strap in between my toes and I'm really picky when it comes to sandals, but these are the most freaking awesome looking sandals I've seen!

Now I just have to find some cool looking clothes to go with the sandals I found, but that's a completely different topic and a completely different post!


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