Monday, December 03, 2007

What a night!!

You'd think that a night of snow and freezing rain would cause our power to go out, but it didn't. Instead, we lose power on a night that is clear and a little windy with some heavier wind gusts.

The kids woke me up last night shortly after midnight to let me know that the power went out. I kind of realized it happened when it did, but was in a deep enough sleep that I didn't fully wake up until the kids woke me up. I went and looked out the windows to the houses near me to make sure it wasn't just me that had no power, and it wasn't. I then dug out a flashlight so I could find the phone book and call the electric company. I was surprised to find out that they now offer courtesy wake up calls if your power has gone out in the chance that it hasn't come back on when you need to wake up. I took advantage of that and set it for them to call the house at 4:30 so that my husband wouldn't be late for work.

I decided that I wanted to lay on the couch in the living room so that I could listen for the power to come back on. Around 3:30 I woke up to this quick beep, which was the answering machine turning on because the power had come back on. Fortunately I'm the only person that woke up because of the power coming back on, the kids and hubby slept through it. Shortly after the power came back on the phone rang, it was the electric company calling to verify that my power came back on...LOL! And then the phone rang again in what seemed just a few minutes after that call, it was our courtesy wake up call, but they were calling almost 20 minutes early...LOL!

By the time the power came back on the wind outside had really picked up and the temp in the house had dropped quite a bit. Not enough that it was actually cold in the house, but it was definitely cooler! Waking the kids up this morning was rough, heck, waking up myself was rough. I woke my husband up after the wake up call and went back to sleep, he said it took him almost half an hour to wake me up...LOL! I'll definitely take a nap at some point this morning, but have a few things I want to get done this morning first.

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