Monday, December 10, 2007

One is delayed, one is closed

We spent the bulk of yesterday dealing with an ice storm here in NW Ohio. My husband left the house one time in the early afternoon and when he got home he told me "That's enough of that", and didn't get in the truck again. As of about 7:00 PM last night my daughters school was on a 2 hour delay for this morning, but nothing had been said yet about my son's school.

I had one of my can't sleep nights so I sat out here alternating between playing games on my computer and watching TV. By the time I finally called it a night, only my daughters school was delayed, but still no word on my sons school.

My husband tried wake me up before he left for work, but wasn't successful, but a phone call from him an hour later when he made it to work did finally wake me up. After I got my coffee, I came out here and turned the news out. The very first thing I seen when I looked at the TV was an announcement that my son's school had closed for today. So I hopped online to see the latest about my daughters school, as of right now, 7:30 AM, it is still on a 2 hour delay. BUT, I just checked the site that I rely on for school closings and delays, and all other schools in my daughters region have now closed, so I know that hers will close now too! And on a quick refresh of the closings/delays page, her school is now closed too! At least they do it well before the time that I would normally wake her up!

Looks like a good day to bake some cookies!

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