Monday, December 03, 2007

Long day and no nap :-(

I'm so tired! All I wanted to do today was grab a nap. I wasn't expecting a long nap, I would have been very happy with a quick nap. But I guess that wasn't in the cards for me.

The first time I tried to nap my mom called. She didn't have to work her morning job and she was at a store that she and I had talked about, looking for school pants for my son who is at one of those horrid "in between" sizes stage. They had the size I told her to get for him, but she couldn't remember what color pants he could wear to school. (read i.e. a stupid uniform policy for a public school) So I told her what he could wear color wise, she found 2 pair easily in his size and at the sale price while we were talking, she said OK, and we ended the call.

The second time I tried to nap I was almost asleep when the dogs went crazy barking and jumping at the front window. I got up to see what was going on, figuring it'd be a squirrel or something and seen a white van parked in the driveway. I grabbed the pellet gun and put it on the stand by the door and opened the inside door to "greet" the person that was walking up to the door. He said he was from the area and seen that we had a couple of big trees that were down and he was looking for firewood. I told him that we have a wood burner and we would use the wood. He then asked about the stove that was sitting by the shed, said he also picked up scrap and could he have that, so I said sure since the person that was supposed to pick it up never did. He then asked about the wheel barrow that was sitting hear the shed and I let him know that he couldn't have that because we use it. I kept an eye on him while he was loading the stove to make sure he didn't take anything else, which he didn't, and he left after loading it.

By that time I gave up...LOL! It was obvious I wasn't meant to nap today, it simply wasn't in the cards. But once I get the kids home from school you can bet I'm going to try again...LOL!!

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