Monday, December 03, 2007

The ever changing me

I do realize that over time, peoples looks change. But if it's someone you are around on a regular basis or even yourself, you don't think much about those changes. That is, until you happen to find some VERY old pictures while you are unpacking from a recent move...LOL!

Several years ago we lost the photo album that held all of the photos from our wedding. It was very upsetting, but I decided that I wasn't going to dwell on it. Saturday I was going through several boxes that I hadn't unpacked since we moved almost two months ago when I came across a cigar box that had the word pictures written on the top of it in my husbands handwriting. I was curious so I opened the box to find it filled with old pictures that went all the way back to the time that we were dating. I found a single picture of us on the day we were married and just could not believe how much we had changed. Although my husband is still as handsome as he was the day I first met him, I certainly don't look anywhere close to what I did back then. I scanned the picture so that I could share it with you. It's not the best picture and has suffered some damage from not being taken care of for the past 17 years, but at least you can see what we looked like at 26 and 30...LOL!

I think what amazed me even more was this picture taken of me and my daughter when she was about 18 months old, which would have been almost 4 years after the wedding photo.

I look at my hair in that picture and I just want to cry. If you look at one of the more recent photos of me, you'll see why.

So, now you can see how much I've changed over almost 17 years. It's not that it bothers me that I'm getting older, I really don't mind and I sport my gray hairs with pride because I know that I've earned them. But what does bother me is the fact that I miss my long hair SOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! Since my daughter has decided that she's going to grow hers out, maybe I'll grow mine out with her!

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