Sunday, November 25, 2007

She has too much stuff!!!

I spent Thanksgiving Day at my sisters house, she cooked her first turkey this year and put out a BEAUTIFUL meal that pleased everyones tastebuds! After dinner we relaxed and went over the sales ads for Black Friday to plan our course of action for the next day.

I ended up spending the night with my mom, which I really enjoyed. When we first got to her house she wanted me to help her get a few things out of the attic. I remember as a kid how packed that attic was, but OMG it's even worse now! She needed to get to the box of Christmas decorations that where at the back of the attic on a rickety old utility cart that I swear is almost as old as she is. In order to get to them we had to move dressers and shelves that had somehow gotten put in front of the cart over the past year.

I think when spring hits I'm going to suggest to my mom that we start going through some of the stuff that is up there!

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