Sunday, September 09, 2007

School is going awesome!

It's so hard to believe that I'm starting my fourth week of classes tomorrow! It's been rough, I'll be the first to admit that I kind of over did it by taking 5 classes this semester. But in my defense, one of those classes is a half semester class, so in 4 more weeks that class will be over, which will lighten up my schedule a little.

My classes this semester are a Mac concepts class (learning how to use a Mac computer), a basic Art class (learning how to draw), English composition (I have to write 5 essay's for this class), Accounting 101 (I like this class, but the homework is done online rather than on paper, and it's very difficult to do), and my last class is Elementary Algebra.

I had to change my Algebra class because of a couple of things. First, the instructor was VERY soft spoken, so much so that even when I sat in the front row of the classroom with my digital recorder to record the class, it didn't even pick up her voice, it picked up everything else. On top of that, although I do understand this is an Elementary Algebra class, I do not think it was necessary to address us as if we were Elementary students. Her cell phone policy in class went something like this; "My policy is that we play hide and seek; when you come into class you turn your cell phone off and hide it, when class is over you can then seek your phone and turn it back on". The syllabus for the class was VERY unclear, and the 2 weeks that I was in that class the syllabus wasn't even followed. So I changed classes and am now in the same Elementary Algebra that my hubby is in! That works out good because we can study and do our homework together!

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