Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Riley has ear mites

Poor guy, I feel so bad for him! We noticed late last night that something was going on, but weren't quite sure what it was. My husband was able to get him into the vet tonight and was told the poor guy has a bad case of ear mites, and that the other dogs either already have them or could get them. He gave us this "squirt bottle" of medication to put in his ear to help take care of them and also suggested that Benadryl might help as well if we felt comfortable giving it to him because of it's sedation effects.

Now the only problem we have is trying to get the other dogs to stop licking in his ear. Can you say GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! We checked out the other dogs and they appear to be mite free, so we'll keep an eye on them and if we do see signs that they have mites we'll start treating them as well.

Anyone out there ever dealt with ear mites have any suggestions to help this poor guy, he's just miserable!

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