Thursday, April 12, 2007

Long but good week

Well, I successfully made it through my first week of college. My classes are pretty cool and I like my instructors, which is a good thing, right?...LOL! I have to admit though that being in class first thing in the morning for 5 hours then going back at night until 10 makes for a VERY long day. Monday wasn't so bad, but by the last hour of my night class on Wednesday I was struggling to stay alert. I made it through til the end of class though.

It's really exciting in my HTML class, I think that one is going to be my favorite. On the first night, but the end of class, I had built my very first, but very basic, website. By the end of the class on Wednesday we had turned that one page into a 4 page site. And I have to admit that I've looked at next weeks chapter, and I'm kind of excited about it because we're learning how to put images into webpages and how to correctly align them to where we want them to be on the page.

Anyway, the week went well, but I'll be glad to get back to class on Monday. I have a fair amount of homework to get done over the next few days though so that'll keep me busy

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