Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm not sure I've told you this yet

As a matter of fact, I'm positive I haven't...LOL! Things have been busy around here and I'm sorry there haven't been many updates lately. But this is one of my updates that I think or hope you'll like. Before I tell you the news I have to give you a little background into my life.

As a kid I lived on a large farm. When I was really young we had livestock and crops. The livestock consisted on TONS of steer and pigs. We also had a dog named Sandy. Sandy, I believe, was a golden retriever. As much as I loved Sandy, I wasn't allowed to "play" with her because she was a farm dog, meaning she was to protect the livestock and things like that. My parents feelings were that if we made her a "pet", she wouldn't do the job they needed her to do. When Sandy passed on, she was replaced with a black Labrador Retriever named Bear. Same story, we weren't allowed to play with Bear either.

So in growing up, I learned to respect dogs, but I honestly never realized that they could be pets also.

Enter my hubby, who is a HUGE dog lover. When we first got together he had a Pit Bull/Boxer mix named Bosworth that was a HOOT! This was the biggest lap dog I've ever seen in my life and many nights were spent "arguing" with the dog to convince him that he couldn't sleep on the bed...LOL!

Ever since then, if we lived somewhere that we were allowed to have a dog, we've had one. Other than Bosworth, I've never really "connected" with any of the dogs we've had over the years. That was until the late summer of 2005 when we got a puppy named Harley. Harley finally made me realize what wonderful companions dogs could be. In the spring of 2006 we got a 6 month old yellow lab we named Riley, who has been a poster child for dogs with ADD...LOL! But Riley has been a blast also and he and Harley get along wonderfully!

So, to do my "update", my sister called me a week ago this past Wednesday asking if I could look up the phone number for the animal shelter down here. When I asked why she went on to explain that a few days earlier she had "convinced" her hubby that they needed a puppy and adopted a 6 week old female retriever/shepard mix puppy. But after just a few days she had come to the realization that she was not a puppy person and really needed to find the puppy a new home. Being the sap that I am, I asked her if she could email me pictures of the puppy and she did. It was love at first sight for me and within 24 hours the puppy, named Willow, had found a new home, with us!

It's been an interesting 10 days, the first few nights were horrible, but now that Willow has adjusted to living with us, things are MUCH better. Both Harley and Riley have adjusted to having a little sister, but Riley seems to have taken on the biggest role with her. It's quite comical to watch an 80 pound dog play with a 8 pound dog, but it's also very touching.

Sometime today I'll post a picture of Willow, and I'm sure that you will immediately fall in love with her like I did!

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