Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well, we got some snow!

And I don't mean just a little either...LOL! Around my sidewalk I'm measuring almost 2 foot of the white stuff, but that's because of the winds that came with out lovely blizzard warning last night. Since yesterday morning my poor hubby has worked almost 24 hours. He got home today around 4, showered, ate and took a 2+ hour nap, poor guy was totally exhausted. He's now sitting at the dining room table helping our son build a bridge out of toothpicks...LMAO!

The only bummer about the snow was that it caused a power outage last night, but not here, in town where our local Fox station is at. When their back up generators kicked in it caused a fire so they had to evacuate the building. This all happened minuted before American Idol came on which was a bummer! BUT, I'm very glad that no one was hurt in the fire, that's more important that my Idol addiction...LOL!

They did replay last nights episode tonight at 7:00, so I did get to see it....YAY!! Tonights episode comes on at 9:00 :-)

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