Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My school update

Just wanted to stop in and update those who have read about my going back to school on what the latest news is.

First, the papers are signed and my financial aid has been set. I will be getting a call either the end of this week or the beginning of next to go in and register for my classes, once that happens the only thing I'll be waiting on is for school to start on April 8th. I even have a proposed graduation date of June 19, 2009! The funny thing about that date is that it's the day after my sisters 40th birthday! LOL

So, I guess rather than being 99% official, I am 99.9% official. I'm still scared to death, This is a huge step for me. I worry about failing and not setting a good example for my kids and I worry about not being able to keep up with everything. BUT, I'm also VERY VERY excited about taking this step!

I'll let you know once I get my classes, so stay tuned for more updates!

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magikjaz said...

yay for you!