Friday, February 16, 2007

Mozilla or IE, you tell me

OK, so about a year or so ago a friend of mine suggested that I try Mozilla Firefox for a browser. They said that many sites loaded faster with it and that it was a less intense and less intrusive browser compared to IE. On top of that if I had something I needed to do online and I needed to be signed into 2 accounts simultaneously, having the 2 browsers would allow me that because they did not share cookies. So, I took their advice and downloaded Mozilla Firefox.

I can say that for about the past year I have used Mozilla almost exclusively. The only exceptions being when I did need to be in 2 places at the same time and needed to have both browsers open, and the one time that my kids accidentally set IE to be the default browser without my realizing it. That was until tonight. I am currently posting from IE because I've upgraded to IE 7 and it has many of the features I like that Firefox does. I also wanted to see if it loaded any quicker, which it really didn't, if anything I think it was a touch slower in IE.

I think I'll go back to Firefox, I really do like it better, and I like the options it offers me. For me personally it loads much faster than IE does and it appears to use less of my computers resources to operate, but that may just be my thinking.

So tell me what you prefer. Are you one of those people like my best bud Lisa who uses IE exclusively but had no choice but to download Firefox the other day? Or do you, like me, prefer Firefox? I've also heard some neat things about Opera, but have yet to venture into that venue. But give me time, I'm sure I probably will...LOL.


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