Friday, December 08, 2006


Well, it's here!! This is one of those weeks that I've REALLY looked forward to Friday! It's just been a very long week. My youngest got sick on Wednesday so I had to go get her from school, then my oldest got sick Thursday so I had to go get him, which was a challenge because I was the only one at the shop. I planned on keeping the oldest home today, but they're both home because it just came across the TV that their school is closed because of a broken water line. ARRRRRRRRG!! I was supposed to meet hubby in town at 8 this morning to pick up the kids' Christmas layaway. Since the oldest was sure to be sleeping I could have snuck it into the house with no problem, but I had already woke the youngest up and she's definitely NOT going back to sleep, so there's no way of sneaking anything in the house now. Once again, a day not going to happen as I had hoped, but then again, that's nothing new....LOL. I was also supposed to go up to Michigan today to have lunch with my mom, sister, sister in law and niece for my moms birthday. But since the kids have been sick I called and cancelled that yesterday simply because if we do have a "bug", I don't want to pass it on to my mom, she doesn't need to get sick!

So, I guess today is a good day to paint, huh? Maybe I can get the kitchen finished up! TGIF everyone, hope your day goes well!


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