Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Looks like we might be getting some snow

Well, "IF" the weathermen are right, we could see 1-2 inches of snow on Thursday. I don't know, I have mixed emotions. I am already SICK of the cold weather, but if it's going to be cold, I WANT SNOW! Plus snow means overtime for my hubby and business will pick up in my shop. We got 2 snow throwers in for repair today. But people crack me up, they expect us to be able to fix stuff in a day, and that's simply not possible....LOL. So a word of advice, if you know your snow thrower is not working right at the END of snow season, bring it in then to be repaired rather than wait until the threat of snow is at hand. And if you know your lawn mower is not working right at the end of mowing season, do the same as above. Now is the PERFECT time to get lawn mowers fixed. That way if we need parts and those parts happen to be on back order, you're not without the equipment you need during the season you need it!
Thanks for listening to me rant!

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