Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas in Michigan

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Whew! What a day! Felt like I hit the floor running almost as soon as I woke up this morning! But everything went great and everyone had a GREAT time! As usual, grandma spoiled the kids rotten! I tell you, they got enough clothes that they could throw away what they had and still have enough clothes to fill their closets….LOL. Fortunately though, this stuff actually fits them and ISN’T school uniforms!

She spoiled hubby and I too! I got my new flannel sheets and one of those super soft micro fleece throws that is HUGE! Hubby got some new flannel pj bottoms and an awesome Old Navy fleece pull over! He also got his toaster thing that makes eggs and warms up breakfast meats. He’s wanted one for a while now and was just THRILLED! Then mom got me a gift that made me just bust out crying!! When I was growing up my grandmother had this really kewl popcorn popper called a Stir Crazy. Several years ago we bought one, but when we lost our home somehow or another we lost the Stir Crazy popper. When I was shopping with my mom and sister last week we ran across one in Target, but it was a small one with Hello Kitty on it. We all said how cute it was and I said that I should buy it because I no longer had mine, but decided not to because it was small and I really wanted the full sized one, but they didn’t have any of the full sized ones. So I said I’d just have to pick it up at Walmart. Imagine my surprise when my mom handed me a box to open and when I pulled the paper off it was a Stir Crazy. As soon as I seen it the tears came flowing big time! My mom has this way of doing things like that to me. Simple little things that just touch my heart I guess.

Anyway, we managed to get a couple of pictures taken, the first one of the 4 of us that’s been taken in several years, then one of just the kids, which I think turned out AWESOME! So I thought I’d share them with you!

Like I said, it was a REALLY good day, we had a great time! My niece came home with us and is spending the night because she’s going with her dad tomorrow, so I’ll take her in to meet him. The kids are ALL sleeping in the living room and watching videos, ought to be interesting!


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~Lori~ said...

What great pictures!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!