Saturday, November 25, 2006

Some of the great deals I picked up yesterday

Even though I didn't get alot of things, I was able to pick up a few really good bargains while I was out shopping, and my hubby picked up a few down here too!

I think the thing I'm most happy about grabbing was a set of sheets. Now I know that can sound pretty lame, but let me tell you a little about why I'm glad I got these sheets. In June, we moved our bedroom to the downstairs room that we had been using as a "closet" of sorts. It is a nice sized room and only a few feet smaller than the one we had upstairs. But since it's off the kitchen, when people do come to visit us, it's easily seen, unless I close the door. A few months back I broke down and bought a new bed set (i.e. comforter, sheets, pillow cases, pillow shams and bed skirt). The new set is in blacks and greys. The flannel sheets I currently have are white and light blue with snowmen. Very cute and very soft, but they don't match the new bed set. So my favorite find yesterday was a king sized set of heather grey flannel sheets at Kohl's for $19.99. Of the gifts that were bought for me, my favorite is a microwave my mom got me for $49.99. It's much smaller than I'm used to, but I'm sure it is going to work much better than the one that I have...LOL.

I found some really nice "hoodies" for my son at Kohl's for $14.99, and some happy bunny pj's for my daughter for $9.99. I also got them each these really soft stuffed animals that have speakers in them for them to plug their iPods into (which is one of the things that the hubby picked up yesterday). I also found my hubby a really nice pair of suede moccasin slippers, which he needed VERY bad!

I didn't pick up anything at Kmart because there wasn't anything there that I was looking for at the time, but my sis managed to grab the last Disney Princess' bed set for her youngest for $24.99 and my step sister picked up a nice 20 inch tv for $89.99 with a $20 mail in rebate, making the final price $69.99.

At the mall I picked up a cute hoodie for my daughter at Aeropostle (sp?) for $15 (their whole store was 50% off, even the clearance stuff that amazingly was only $9.99 on Wednesday, but mysteriously was $39.99 yesterday *rolls eyes*) My sister picked up a gorgeous leather coat at JCPenney for $48, and my mom picked up a nice leather hand bag that ended up being $17.10.

That was all I picked up until I ran to Walmart late yeserday afternoon. There I managed to pick up a GE 5.8MHZ cordless phone for $22, which I desperately needed! I grabbed myself a watch that was on sale for $9.87 and I grabbed the new Ice Age movie.

Hubby got a couple of good deals at Menards of all places!! He picked up a surround sound system for $39.99 and digital camera for our daughter that was $67.77 with and mail in rebate for $20 which will bring it down to $47.77. Then he picked up their iPods, but I forgot to ask him where he got those...LOL.

So all in all it was a good shopping day yesterday. I tell you though, it's weird shopping for the kids this year. The days of "easy shopping" for them are long gone, that's for sure. At their ages a $20 toy is no longer an option. My son's #1 wanted gift this year is a digital video camera, he wants to be able to "make movies". I'm actually all for it because it will get him away from video games and give him a chance to use his imagination! And my daughters #1 wanted gift was the digital camera and, of course, clothes...LOL! Since neither of my kids are in the school where they wore uniforms, they both want AND need "normal" clothes, which is a request I'm more than happy to oblige them on!

OK, I really need to get busy here. Have a great day and I'll catch up with you later. Looks like temp wise it's going to be gorgeous again, they're calling for a high temp of 60 here today...WHOOHOO!!

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SneakyPeek said...

Wow, sounds like you got some fantastic deals and did ALOT of walking.

Those ipod speakers are awesome, I got them for my kids too.

Hope you had a fun Thanksgiving.