Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sad night

Just wanted to check in and say hello. I wasn't around last night, I left after the kids got home to school and went up to my mom's to go through TONS of Christmas decorations.....LOL. She made the decision that she was going through all the stuff she had and was getting rid of anything she no longer wanted, used or liked, and guess who was the beneficiary of the ones she was getting rid of? HEHE! We ended up filling my car from back to front with bags and boxes! The only place in my car that was open was the drivers seat!

While I was at my moms I went next door to my brothers house and they let me read the local paper for the area, in which there was an obituary for a young lady that I used to babysit when I was 15. I had been contemplating running into town from my moms house and attending last nights visitation at the funeral home, but A). I didn't want to go alone and B). I hadn't seen her family in over 20 years. But after reading the obituary I decided that I really needed to go. They had been there for me when my father passed away when I was 14, and I just felt that I needed to let the family know that they were in my thoughts.

I tell you, I have NEVER seen a funeral home so packed! I stood in line just to go into the visitation room for over an hour! But I'm very glad I went and paid my respects. I was able to see her family and several other childhood friends!

Anyway, I need to go, LOOOOOOOOOONG day at the shop today! More tonight!

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