Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Painting Update

Well, I tell ya, painting cabinets is MUCH more difficult than painting walls...LOL. But then again, I have TONS of cabinets in my kitchen. Fouteen if you want to be exact, and 9 drawers to boot, and yes, I did just get up and go out to the kitchen to count them...LOL!

I have 4 of the 14 done, well, done with white anyway, and I think that I'm going to wait a while on painting the cabinet doors the brownish color I was talking about and just leave everything white for right now. It looks clean and bright which is a 100% change from the dark brown cave that it was.

But, with the work that has to do into the doors and stuff before I can even paint them, it's definitely going to be time consuming.

Anyway, I need to get busy.

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Lisa Renee said...

I think the white will look nice as I remind myself I still have to pain the upstairs hall and the