Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Beach Pics

OK, sorry it's taken so long to get these posted, but here's pics of Ric and the kids from my birthday at the beach on Sunday. The first is my son playing in the sand. I think he had more fun in the sand Sunday at age 13 than he did when he was little, but don't you dare tell him I said that...LOL.
Next is my daughter. NOT my favorite pic of her from Sunday, but the one that is the most "her". It shows her "tude" if you know what I mean. She just turned 11 and is in a VERRRRRRRRRRRY lovely stage of life.....NOT...LOL.
Then, there's my main squeeze.....heck, my ONLY squeeze...LOL. Looking at this man still makes me feel giddy even after 15 years together. Someday I'll quit bein a b!tch to him and treat him right ;o)
We had a great day, it was just what we all needed desperately! I'd post a pic of me in my bew bathing suit, but I look like a beached whale....LOL. So I'll just stick with the pic of the model in it, it's a much more pleasant picture!

1 comment:

SneakyPeek said...

Hmmmmmm tude ... yup, I know what that is and I'm feeling bad for ya.

What a great looking family. You are a lucky lady.