Thursday, December 15, 2005


Good morning everyone! One more day til Friday...WHOOHOO!!!

We had a fun night last night! My daughter, who is in the 5th grade, joined band this year. She originally chose to play the clarinet, then decided she wanted to play the trumpet, but then changed back to the clarinet (I can't see the start of "typical" womanhood there, can you? LOL) Anyway, last night was her very first public concert. We all went to watch her and the other 5-8th graders play. I had memories of all of the Christmas Concerts I was in in my many years of being in band. Hubby and I were both "geared up" with our digital cameras, my daughter wore her "Sunday Best", and I was determined to get TONS of pictures. But apparently, our cameras had minds of their own. Between hubby and I, we took about 25 pictures. But for some reason, EVERY picture we took blurred from BOTH cameras. I was SOOOOOOO mad when I got home last night! But the logical person inside of me kicked in, and I had my darling daughter stand in front of my pathetically decorated Christmas tree here at home and snapped some pics of my budding clarinetist....LOL. Here's one

After the concert was over we decided we all deserved a "treat" and went out to dinner. Why is it that no matter where we go when we go out for dinner, we ALWAYS manage to get the one waitress who is either tired, stressed or just simply GRUMPY? Fortunately, for some reason, I didn't buy into our waitresses attitude, and I think that seemed to help her. I stayed polite with her, smiling and thanking her anytime she came to our table, even when we had to wait over 30 minutes for our meals when the restaurant was almost empty, and even when we had to "remind" her FOUR times to bring my daughters glass of milk.

While we were ever so patiently waiting for our meal, I snatched my daughters Santa hat off her head and put it on. Hubby grabbed is camera and snapped a picture of me....LOL.

Not one of my greatest pics, but definitely not my worst either...LOL.

I think the reason I was in such a "good" mood last night had to do with my shopping trip earlier in the day. First let me tell you that I have never been a "small" person. When I graduated from High School MANY years ago I wore somewhere around a size 20. A few years later, after binge drinking an entire summer away, I was down to a size 8. When I got married in 1992 I think I wore a size 12. And over the past 14 years I have worn anywhere from a size 8 (in 1999) to a size 22 (in 2004). My weight goes up and down, but the peak to the size 22 in 2004 was from a lovely medication that my doctor put me on for depression. Now tell me this PLEASE. What doctor, in their right mind, is going to put a depressed woman on a medication that is going to make her almost double in size? Well, not in size, but it did almost double my clothes size.

Anyway, back to my shopping trip yesterday. I knew that I've lost weight lately. This summer my mother went garage saling and bought me some very nice jeans that were a size 14. I was THRILLED that I fit into them, and they very quickly became my FAVORITE jeans! But I've noticed lately, that even hot out of the dryer, they've become quite loose! So while I was shopping with my daughter yesterday, I decided to try on some clothes. I almost fell over in shock when I was able to NICELY fit into a size 11!!!!! And I could "almost" squeeze into a size 9, except for my lovely hips...LOL.

I've never obsessed over my weight. I know that I eat good so that doesn't bother me. But I do know that I don't get enough exercise! Since we moved out here in August I would have to say that I have easily dropped 30 pounds! I "attribute" it to the fact that I don't sit on my tooshie 24/7 anymore. I'm always going up and down the steps and am alot more active here! But I'd also be lying if I didn't say that it doesn't bother me a bit that I've lost so much weight. I mean, to lose 3 pounds in 4 months without even trying? NOTHING about my diet has changed in MANY years, well, other than the fact that I do drink alot more water and drink almost no soda. And I turned that illustrious "4-OH" this summer. I've always been under the impression that as you get older, your metabolism makes it more difficult to lose weight. Don't get me wrong, I am in NO WAY complaining about losing weight. As a matter of fact, I am very greatful that I have. I guess my mind just gets to wandering sometimes...LOL.

Anyway, I'm rambling here...LOL. The kids are on a 2 hour delay for school. We've got a doozy of a storm starting. They're saying we could get as much as 8 inches of snow today. *UGH* So pray that I don't lose my mind if the kids stay home. They've been fighting like cats and dogs lately...LOL.

Have a great day!

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