Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thirteen Things Holly Likes About The Holidays

1…. I like the constant array of Christmas shows that come on the tv each night.
2…. I like being out on the roads at night and seeing all of the beautiful Christmas lights.
3…. ESPECIALLY when there is snow!
4…. And REALLY ESPECIALLY if I don't have to be the one driving!!!
5…. I like listening to Christmas Carols REALLY loud (but only when I'm home alone...LOL)
6…. I like breaking out the Egg Nog while I'm putting up Christmas decorations.
7…. I like remembering Christmas's from the past (although I'd prefer to forget a few of them)
8…. I like making my "special" Christmas cookies that my family practically begs me to make every year.
9…. I like handing my kids the change out of the bottom of my purse to put into the Salvation Army kettles.
10…. I like wearing my Santa hat in public.
11…. I like it when I see people doing simple things for complete strangers for no reason at all (like holding the door open for the person behind them that's coming into a store)
12…. I like walking around a store with a smile on my face and watching all of the people who are walking around with these HUGE attitudes.
13…. I like the fact that in my heart I know there really still is a Santa Claus!

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phoenix said...

Great list! This year has been hard to find the spirit of Christmas but I am sure it will find me soon enough!


Peri said...

you're brave to wear santa hat in public!

Your banner is cute!

Lazy Daisy said...

I can agree with your whole daughter still insists on giving the change in my purse to the Savlation Army bell ringer and she's 27!

I love driving around looking at Christmas lights. One year my husband gave me a video of houses all over the U.S. that decorate their houses. He said that way we could sit in front of the fire and still go see the light! Sweet!

come see my 13

Marie said...

Home alone with the Christmas music blaring... you and me, sister!!!


"D" said...

I'm all for the Christmas music too! Each year we compile some onto a CD and label for that year - it's fun to listen to year past CD's and 'rememorize' all the events that happened. My 13 is up...

Leanne said...

Christmas songs always make me cry! I love seeing the lights though, people get really creative with outdoor decorations nowadays!

Thanks for joining in!!

Renee said...

I believe in Santa too! Even though dd keeps trying to catch him so he has to get up at 5 am to come to our house! LOL

Here's my 13
see ya soon

Jennifer said...

I've been working on finding my holiday spirit. A few more good lists like yours will help immensely! I loved reading it! :)
My TT are up....I would love a visit! :)

YellowRose said...

I like that you have the perfect Christmas spirit!!

Here's my 13:

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i love eggnog too, i love listening to my christmas cd's when i wrap gifts but before all of that, i love to watch white christmas, really puts me in the mood.

Jen said...

Have fun this holiday season! I hope you figure out that HTML thing, no help here, sorry!

My 13 is up!

Running2Ks said...

I like when people are nice to each other too--I hope it extends past the holidays.

My 13 are up :)

Shelli said...

I love Christmas and watching those shows on TV helps me to remember Christmas' past. Thanks for coming by my site.

Here is my link...

Dawn said...

Finally got to your 13... wonderful list !!! Now read it over and over until you are in this happy place again.


my 13 are on blogroll... Dawn@NevilleFarm

Texas_Ivy10 said...

Great TT! You are full of Christmas Spirit! :)

tickled~pink said...

hiya! i loved this list!

Veronika said...

Great list! I especially like # 11. Random acts of kindness.