Thursday, December 15, 2005

Calling ANYONE who knows HTML....LOL

OK, I'm going out on a "limb" here, but I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I consider myself a "fair" graphic artist. At least I don't think I'm too bad for being self taught. The problem is, I am an HTML IDIOT! I'm ok if I can copy and paste it, and I do ok with BASIC tags. But I CANNOT code!!!

So here's my "dilemma". I have made myself a banner to spruce my blog up. It's very plain and BORING and unfortunately, blogspot doesn't offer "spiffy" templates...LOL. Does anyone out there know of any sites that help you with the coding? Or is there a blog host out there that gives you easily understood "custom design" options? LOL Yeah, I'm sure I'm asking for alot here, ESPECIALLY this time of year, but any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Here's the banner, nothing special, but I thought it would look cute!'s a SNOW DAY here! We have a VERY heavy snow/sleet/ice mix coming down right now and they just cancelled school about 30 minutes ago. *SIGH* Is it summer YET?



Jennifer said...

I am an HTML idiot, but I love your banner! :)

Chickadee said...

I wanted to comment on the Thursday 13 post but I couldn't! Wah!

I love looking at the Christmas lights at night in the neighborhoods too.

And I like when my favorite sitcoms do their Christmas shows. Do you watch Monk? He had a pretty good holiday special on a few weeks ago.

Happy Thursday 13!

Shelli said...

Holly, I don't code either, but I can copy and paste. So here is what I do when I have a picture or graphic (like my avatar from yahoo!) that I want to put on my site: I save it to my computer, I then can upload it to Flickr (you have to have an account, but it is free), and then they will either give you an URL or html code to use for your website. You get to the URL after you have uploaded by clicking on the pic or graphic and then once you have all the options at the top of the pic, choose "other sizes" (or something like that) and when you get to that page, below the pic is an HTML code and an URL for you to choose from. If you choose the URL, everytime you load your page it will pull your graphic from the URL, so I would suggest using the HTML. You probably already know all this so I don't know why I am telling you. If you have any questions, email me.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i don't know code, i know a site that i'm trying to teach myself, ummm, in my spare time, which explains why my blog looks the way it does. anyway, here it is, if that helps

Running2Ks said...

I am a copy/paster, but I think I could help with this too--if you don't get it worked out. I was just helping someone else today with buttons to link places.

kbmailbox1-blog AT

Dawn said...

let's see.... do a v pointing to the left then a img space src then an equal symbol then a " then the http address where your image is hosted, Flickr is great of non animated ones, the another " then a v pointing to the right... now if you want it centered you have to do a v to the left then a p then align then = the " then the word center, then another " then v to the right then what I said first... sorry but if I try to write the code it will not show up as code...

the way I learned html was to go to people's blog and right click and click on view source... that shows you all the code.

Open another blogger account to play on while you learn... hope that helps.

I am no expert by any means.

KottonKandi said...

Hey chickie! I can't answer your question BUT a girl I go to school with builds blogs and webpages for a living...I can ask her. As soon as I hear something i'll let you know!